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First Songs for Car Stereos contains songs that will be the first song to start playing when you plug your phone or portable stereo into your car stereo. Each song is four minutes of silence with warning tones:
     Two tones when the song has two minutes remaining.
     One tone when the song has one minute remaining.
     Five higher pitched tones when the song has five seconds remaining.


Many people plug their phone into their car stereo and immediately start hearing the same song every time. This song is the first song alphabetically in their phone’s library of music. Buy First Songs for Car Stereos and give yourself four minutes of silence to choose which music you want to hear. Fortunately, there are warning tones to remind you to choose your music before the silent song finishes. Most people choose their music before the very first warning tones at two minutes. 


Depending on the names of songs in your library and how your car stereo organizes hyphens, blank spaces and other non-alphanumeric characters, there are two song options. The first song should do the job. If not, you can use the second song, or use both songs to create eight minutes of silence with warning tones.

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